About Me

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Hello there! My name is Jacquelyn, and I have more hobbies than a cat has lives. I collect them like some people collect stamps or dolls or porcelain plates. I am a mother of two small children, three cats, one dog, and constant rotation of chickens. I have a partner who oscillates between supportive and outright skepticism at my various endeavors, aka he’s my reality check. Which is probably necessary.

I am a creative at my core – I jump between fiber crafts like knitting, crocheting, and spinning yarn to gardening to canning to sewing historical costumes and daily wear alike. I also enjoy working with critters, from caterpillars to horses. I’ll try most anything once; hobby, craft, food, you name it! Mostly, I try to find the humor in my missteps, because it’s more funny when I laugh first. *wink*