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The Eleventh Hour is My Domain: Part the Last (or Third)

This is the third installment in a series. You can find the first installment here and the second here.

The next morning, Sunday morning, I leave the whole “making breakfast and feeding our children” thing to my partner, since I have a costume to finish. He is unfazed, thankfully.

I get to work on the tail first. I snare the 4 yo and put the hoodie on her to get the right placement, since I know she wears her tutu lower on her hips and I don’t want this tail to be in the wrong place. She’s rejected things for less. I then negotiate with the future attorney about getting it off of her so I can finish her costume. Once I have successfully removed the sweater from her person, I get to tacking on the tail with gusto. I fold over the fleece at the top AND use some fleece inside to “sandwich” the sweater material as a defense against any ripping when my daughter inevitably gets her tail caught in something. Or not, because she’s never met a door she could close without being reminded. Regardless, I’m not risking it.

Outside on left, inside on right. Mama’s not messin’ around.

I assemble the ears out of some pink fleece and white felt. Before I sew them onto the hood, I whip-stitch the bottom closed because I like doing extra work.

Not pictured: my badass thimble to go with that needle-spear

It is now 9:30am. The tutorial calls for threading some elastic through the hood edge, but Mama ain’t got time for that. Grandma is going to be here any minute. But I can sew a mean button, and fast too, plus I have about eleventy billion white buttons. Then I find some 1/8″ elastic and make a loop and VOILAAAAA.

So much faster. Sew much faster? I crack myself up.

OMG I FINISHED IT. *walks around holding the sweater up like a WWE belt in victory*

Grandma shows up and we get the unicorn dressed: hoodie with the works, white leggings, a tutu I most definitely did not make because tulle, and pink sparkly shoes because my child. Grandma and kiddo head out.

After they leave, I sit down and take a breath. I did it. I made a costume in less than 48 hours. With two small children and without the aid of Hermione’s time-turner. I ROCK.

Hm, I should probably start on my daughter’s dress for December’s Dickens Fair soon… Nah. I still have plenty of time. *wink*

Finished product in all of its rainbow glory

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